Trump negotiates with North Korea the release of three US prisoners

US President Donald Trump has opined that there is a “good chance” of securing the release of three Americans imprisoned in North Korea and assured that he could leave his next meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, if he considers that it is not being “fruitful”.

At a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump said he is confident that his meeting with Kim, scheduled for June, will be a “global success.” “We hope to see the day when the entire Korean peninsula can live together, safely and peacefully,” Trump told reporters from his private club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Asked if he is willing to meet with Kim even when there are three Americans imprisoned in North Korea, Trump replied that his government has been “negotiating” with Pyongyang on the issue. «We are negotiating right now. It is a very harsh treatment “to which Americans in North Korea are subjected, he said.

“We are fighting very diligently to recover the three Americans, and there is a good chance of getting it,” he said. Trump said, however, that if he does not believe that his meeting with Kim “will be successful”, he will cancel it. “If we think it will not be fruitful, we will not go. And if I am there and it is not fruitful, I will leave the meeting. I always like to be flexible and I will be flexible in this, “the president assured. Trump announced on Tuesday that he is evaluating five possible places for his meeting with Kim, which will take place “at the beginning of June or before that, assuming that everything goes well”.

The director of the CIA and nominated as US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, traveled to North Korea at Easter to meet with Kim, a high-level meeting that served to prepare the meeting with Trump. “This is a historic moment and possibly even more than that, if everything goes well,” Trump said.

“We will not repeat the mistakes of other (US) governments. Our campaign of maximum pressure will continue until North Korea is denuclearized, “Trump added, and said the ideal would be” to end nuclear weapons in all parts of the world. “