The president of the United States attacks with force the exdirector of the FBI for the criticisms that he dedicates to him in his book

If the attack by the US Army on Syria last Saturday has been described as surgical, this Sunday of Donald Trump to one of his sworn enemies during the first year of his presidency was devastating. The president of the USA received the day with a salvo of cannon fire on Twitter for James Comey, who was director of the FBI until Trump dismissed him in May last year, with just a few months of coexistence in the Government of the country.

Comey is a key player in the legal battle that boggles Trump’s presidency almost from the day of his election: the investigation of Russia’s interference in the elections and the supposed plot with the Trump campaign to benefit his candidate. Shortly after his inauguration, Trump demanded that Comey, according to the story of the then director of the FBI, be benevolent to Michael Flynn, who had been Trump’s national security adviser and had to resign for lying about his contacts with Russian agents. , and demanded loyalty. Trump ended up firing Comey, which caused Robert Mueller was designated special investigator of the Russian plot.

The aggressiveness of Trump this weekend is due to Comey telling his experiences with Trump in a book, whose publication is scheduled for tomorrow. The matter has the US president very agitated, especially after leaking some fragments of the book, in which Comey portrays Trump as a mafia boss, “unethical and disconnected from the truth.”

Last night, Comey started his tour in the media to publicize the work with an interview on ABC News. “I do not think he is not medically qualified to be president, I think he is not morally qualified to be president,” said Comey on the television network, which also had room for the dossier, which has not been proven, which claimed that the billionaire American spent one night with prostitutes in Moscow in 2013. “It’s possible he was with prostitutes pissing on each other. It’s possible, but I do not know, “says Comey. “He asked me:” Do I look like the kind of person who needs to hire prostitutes? “, Said Comey, who said he did not know if another of the most controversial points of the dossier is true, the one in which it is stated that Trump urged the prostitutes to urinate on the hotel bed for being the same one Barack Obama had slept in the past.

During the interview, the ex-director of the FBI again insisted that Trump demanded loyalty, just as he did when he was called to testify before Congress in June of last year. “It might have been better to give him a more explicit reply, kind” sir, I can not promise loyalty. ” But at that moment, frankly, it did not occur to me. And maybe I did not have the courage to do it. I wanted to end the conversation without being compromised, “he explained.